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Introducing the Canada Will Registry

NoticeConnect is launching the Canada Will Registry in 2019. We're building on our Knowledge of a Will notices to solve the problem of identifying missing or competing wills.


How Will it Work?

NoticeConnect has changed how estate practitioners and trustees advertise for creditors. At the request of our users, we added a feature for publishing notices looking for missing wills. These Knowledge of a Will notices are sent out to lawyers, law associations, and other groups across Ontario.

The Canada Will Registry builds on this solution. The registry will be part of NoticeConnect.com and will be accessible from your existing account.

Law firms and trust companies will be able to upload - for free - the basic information about wills they are storing. We'll also offer an option for physically storing wills in a secure location.

When someone is looking for a will, we will publish a Knowledge of a Will notice and we will automatically alert you if you registered the will they are looking for. The idea is to replace the various search efforts that are currently being done with one comprehensive tool.

Security, Privacy, and Client Confidentiality

We understand the importance of keeping your client information secure and confidential. The registry data will be stored and backed up in secure Canadian facilities, the same ones trusted by National Bank and the Government of Ontario. And importantly, the data you upload will not be publicly searchable.


We Want to Hear from You

Please get in touch with us directly at info@noticeconnect.com if you're interested in using the registry when it launches. We can answer your questions and share more details about how it works, so you can begin using the registry on day one.