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Value for Clients with Will Registration Certificates

This week we introduced Will Registration Certificates. When you register a client's will on the Canada Will Registry, you can now download a certificate to share with your client showing that you've taken this important step. This feature is available to NoticeConnect Plus subscribers.


Value for Lawyers and Clients

Our Canada Will Registry is a national database of over 200,000 registered wills. Consumers and law firms alike can register wills and codicils to ensure that these documents can be found when they're needed.

A Will Registration Certificate demonstrates to your client that you've taken this important step and highlights the value of having prepared a will with a lawyer. Clients can hold onto the certificate for their records. The certificate shows the details you registered and prominently displays the name of your firm.


We charge consumers $40 plus HST to register a will, but verified law firms can do this at no cost. Many firms are charging their clients a $30 fee to register a document, which covers the cost of a NoticeConnect Plus subscription while saving money for the client.

We leave this entirely up to you.

Getting started

Law firms can join and use the Canada Will Registry at no cost. And if you'd like access to Will Registration Certificates and other special features (including Team Accounts and digital document storage), you have the option of upgrading to NoticeConnect Plus at any time, starting at $30/month.

Email us at info@noticeconnect.com or call us at 1-866-577-8509 to learn more.

Kamilla Kovaleva

Kamilla Kovaleva

Kamilla is the Chief Sales Officer at NoticeConnect.

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