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Unlock extra features with a free NoticeConnect account

“I'll post as a guest for now, and I'll create an account sometime later."

As NoticeConnect's Senior Account Manager, I sometimes hear this from law firms using our platform. While most firms set up an account with us to get the most out of NoticeConnect, some firms are still using our guest checkout to post notices and submit searches.

And I get it. You don't want to go through a long process, create yet another password to remember, and then receive a bunch of unwanted notifications.

Fortunately, creating an account with NoticeConnect is hassle-free. The whole process takes under two minutes and gets you access to features that we reserve for law firms.

1. Access your order history

Sometimes you need to check if you posted a particular order or searched for a particular will. Or you need to find a copy of an old receipt for a file. Creating an account gives you easy access to your complete order history.

2. Create custom templates

Do you want your Notice to Creditors to have a particular wording? When you set up your account, you can customize the notice template and use the exact phrasing you'd like.

3. Save your information

Publishing as a guest requires you to fill in your billing and payment information every time you order. With an account, you can securely store this information with us. This makes it even faster to publish a notice or search our Canada Will Registry.

4. Remove old notices

Notices to Creditors stay on our site after they're published by default. Finding an expired ad is like finding an expired notice in a print newspaper.

But some clients like to have their old notices taken down after the expiry date. With a free account, you can click a button and have this happen automatically for every order.

5. Access the Canada Will Registry

Speaking of the registry, we give law firms free access to the Canada Will Registry, our nationwide will registry with over 270,000 wills. It's a powerful tool for keeping your will vault organized and finding out if someone is searching for a will in your vault.

6. Publish ahead of payment

Our site says that we will only publish your notice or process your search after we've received payment from you. But if your firm likes to pay by cheque or EFT - and many do - then this could delay things.

When you make an account as a law firm, we give you Trusted Status in our system. This means you can opt to pay by cheque or EFT and we will publish your order ahead of payment.

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