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TLA to Distribute NoticeConnect's Knowledge of a Will Notices

Our Knowledge of a Will notices ask the legal community if anyone has or knows about a particular will. We're proud to announce that the Toronto Lawyers Association will be distributing these notices to its members.

When administering an estate, it's important know if the deceased was testate or intestate. This can be difficult to discern, i.e. just because you can't find a will doesn't mean that the deceased didn't have one. Publishing a Knowledge of a Will notice on NoticeConnect is an effective way to ask if anyone in the legal community has a will that you're looking for.

A Monthly Roundup Email from the TLA

We're making our Knowledge of a Will notices even more effective by partnering with Toronto Lawyers Association.

Each month the TLA will send a monthly "Knowledge of a Will" roundup email to its estates group. This email will contain details about the Knowledge of Will notices published on NoticeConnect in the last month, along with links to the full notices.

The TLA frequently gets requests asking us to contact our members about missing wills. With this new monthly email, we can effectively share this information with our members. -- Joan Rataic-Lang, Executive Director / Library Director at TLA

How our Knowledge of a Will Notices Works

When you publish a Knowledge of a Will notice on NoticeConnect, we share that notice across multiple channels to make it as accessible to the legal community.

  • Notices are listed in our public, searchable database on our website
  • We send weekly updates about new notices to our free email mailing list. Click here to join.
  • Notices are shared on our social media feeds (including Facebook and Twitter feeds)
  • Our notices are sent to WillCheck and cross-checked with their records.

And now we're sharing these notices with law associations like TLA as well.


Looking for a will? Visit www.noticeconnect.com to publish your notice for $130 plus HST.

Lexie Hinde

Lexie Hinde

Lexie is a digital marketer and account manager with NoticeConnect.

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