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Three Reasons to Search the Canada Will Registry

NoticeConnect's Canada Will Registry is open for searches. Searching our database of 100,000 wills is a vital step for every estate administration. Here are three reasons why searching the Canada Will Registry should be part of your estate administration checklist.

3. Protect Yourself and Your Clients

How do you know if a client was actually intestate? How do you know if you have the most recent will?

Searching the Canada Will Registry checks against 100,000 registered wills. It's the most powerful step you can take to ensure that you have all relevant documents.

We send you a Search Certificate confirming that you did your due diligence. This certificate is proof - for court and for your records - that you took meaningful action to find the relevant documents.

Searching our registry protects you and your clients from potential claims that you did not look hard enough for a will.


2. It's Easy

Searching the Canada Will Registry takes two minutes.

Go to NoticeConnect and fill in a one-page form. Tell us who you are, your contact information, and which will you're looking for.

Our smart matching algorithm compares your search against our database of 100,000 wills and identifies any matches. Anyone holding a matching will is given your contact information and told to contact you within 30 days.

After 30 days, you can administer the estate on the basis of the documents that have been brought to your attention.


1. It's a Cost-Effective Disbursement

Searching the Canada Will Registry costs $95 plus HST. Searches are billed individually an can be disbursed to the estate.

At this price, it makes sense to search the registry for all of your estate administration files. You never know if someone has created a more recent will. Don't risk missing an important estate planning document.

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