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How our Canada Will Registry helps professionals work from home

As law firms across the country institute work-from-home policies in response to COVID-19, the centrality of paper records in wills and estates is causing problems. We've seen a spike in will registrations over the past week and wanted to outline how NoticeConnect's Canada Will Registry can help your office with remote work, at no cost to the firm.

Remote work is a challenge

Despite technological advances in video conferencing and file sharing, physical documents play a central role in wills and estates. You need the original paper will for probate, which must be kept in fireproof vaults. Many firms are keeping track of their thousands of wills with paper records (e.g. card stocks, notepads, or alphabetized envelopes). Others use digital files saved on their office computer (e.g. an Excel or Word file).

This information is very difficult to access and keep updated with your team working from home. Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • Someone is looking for a will in your possession. How do you check your records to see if you have it?
  • You're drafting lots of new wills for clients. How do you keep your index current if it's on your office computer?
  • You need to take a look at a client's will to see if it needs updating. How do you access it?
  • Your team members are all working from home. How do you ensure that client files stay confidential?

The Canada Will Registry can help

The Canada Will Registry helps wills & estates practitioners work remotely. Lawyers can register estate planning documents, manage them in a digital will vault, and receive alerts if someone is looking for a will in their possession. There's no cost for any of this.

We built the Canada Will Registry with extensive input from the legal profession. It's secure, fully compliant with privacy legislation and law society rules, and there are no cross-border data transfers. Lawyers don't need to obtain additional consent forms from their clients to register their wills.


New features

We're deploying new tools that will help your firm stay organized.

  • Team Accounts - Share access to your digital will vault with the lawyers and staff at your firm. Control their access with role-based permissions.

  • Document Storage - Attach copies of documents (wills, notes, affidavits, etc.) to your registered records.

  • Single Sign On - We are compatible with your firm's credential management system.

We're in an unprecedented situation and it's quite likely that rules and procedures will be changed in a way that impacts wills and estates. Think remote notarization and witnessing, and probating digital wills.

NoticeConnect will continue to lead and innovate as these developments unfold.

We'll get your firm set up

As a law & technology company, NoticeConnect is well-equipped to stay operational while working remotely. We know how busy law firms are, especially now. We can do the work necessary to onboard your firm to the Canada Will Registry.

Next steps

If you'd like to get started, see a demo, or learn more, email us at info@noticeconnect.com or call us at 1-866-577-8509.

You can read more about our system and request a demo video on our How it Works page, here.