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Locate Missing Wills with the Canada Will Registry

Submitting a search with the Canada Will Registry is simple and takes less than five minutes. All you have to do is tell us who you are, whose will you're searching for, and how to reach you. Follow these simple steps below to submit a search for any estate.

1. Fill out the Form

To submit a search query, fill out this form with all the necessary information, and click submit the search. Our system then automatically matches that search against the database of over 250,000 registered wills.

2. Receive Confirmation

Once a search is successfully submitted you will receive a Search Certificate detailing the parameters of your search. The Search Certificate serves as your proof of completing meaningful due diligence.

3. Await 30 Days

If a matching will exists, the law firm will contact the searcher independently within 30 days. We alert the law firm that registered the matching will and provide them with the information they need to get in touch with the searcher.

Searching is a crucial step of estate administration as it protects yourself, your clients, and is a cost-effective disbursement. Check out our case study with Davies Spina Falquez LLP and the Canada Will Registry. Susan Davies, partner at DSF, discovered a missing will as a direct result of searching the Canada Will Registry.

Where does the Search go?

There are two options for searching: the Standard Registry Search and the Combined Registry Search.

The Standard Registry Search checks your search query against our database of over 250,000 registered wills. The more popular option is the Combined Registry Search, which searches the registry and checks for any unregistered wills by sending out a Knowledge of a Will notice to our mailing list, law libraries, and other partners.

Benefits of Searching

  • Fast and cost-effective for the client
  • Checks against many thousands of wills, both registered and unregistered
  • Proof for your file that you took effective steps to search for a will
  • Quick and easy communication between law firms

Get Started

Want to see a demo or get your firm set up on the Canada Will Registry? Send an email to info@noticeconnect.com to get started.

For more answers on the Canada Will Registry and Notices to Creditors check out our FAQ page.

Stephanie Repic

Stephanie Repic

Stephanie is the Marketing Coordinator at NoticeConnect

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