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It's easy to register your entire will vault on the Canada Will Registry

We're launching the Canada Will Registry this May. Your firm can start preparing to register its will vault in one bulk upload. Registration is simple, free, and beneficial to you and your clients.


How to register

Law firms with NoticeConnect accounts will be able to register the wills in their vault at no charge. You do not need to register copies of the documents. Rather, you will register meta-data about the wills you have, including:

  • The testator's name and address
  • The testator's date of birth (if you have it)
  • Where the will has been stored
  • If the document is a will or codicil

Whether your firm has ten wills or ten thousand, it's easy to register them all at once with our bulk upload tool.

We'll provide your firm with a spreadsheet file. Simply fill the information into the appropriate headings. When the Canada Will Registry launches in May, you will be able to securely upload this file on our Registration page.

Our system will process your entire vault in a matter of minutes.

Why register?

Law firms already have the consent of their clients to register their wills on the Canada Will Registry, and there are many benefits to doing so.

Stay organized

Registering your wills gives you access to a digital, searchable will vault you can access on NoticeConnect. This is a powerful tool for keeping track of the wills your firm has on hand and staying compliant with LSO Rules governing the preservation and record-keeping requirements for client property.

The Canada Will Registry comes with features for transfering and receiving registered wills to other lawyers. Instead of receiving a large box of files from a retiring lawyer, you can send and receive organized digital records.

Save time

Law firms are supposed to be monitoring searches for missing wills and checking these notices against the contents of their vaults vaults. Doing this manually is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. Registering your will vault on the Canada Will Registry ensures that you will be automatically alerted immediately if someone is looking for a will that you're holding. This frees up valuable admin resources at your firm.

Ensure your clients' wishes are respected

Your clients are making wills because they care about what happens to their estate after they die. But many wills go missing, which means that the testator's wishes might not be respected. Registering your clients' wills on the Canada Will Registry is a powerful step you can take to ensure that these important documents can be easily found.

Contact us to learn more

We're excited to be launching the Canada Will Registry this May and we'd be happy to share more information with you. If you have questions or would like to see a private demo of the registry, send an email to info@noticeconnect.com.

Patrick Hartford

Patrick Hartford

Patrick is the Founder of NoticeConnect.

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