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With Will Builder's new Export feature, it's easy to join the Canada Will Registry

If you're using Will Builder by DoProcess to create Wills and Powers of Attorney, you can use its new Export Data to Will Registry feature to create a spreadsheet file to complete a mass registration of your Wills on NoticeConnect's Canada Will Registry.

The Canada Will Registry helps law firms manage their will vaults and receive alerts if someone is looking for a will in your firm's possession. Importantly, lawyers can register their will indexes without having to obtain additional client consent forms.

Law firms can register their estate planning documents one at a time or all at once by uploading the information in a spreadsheet. You only register information about the documents, e.g. who is the testator, when they were executed, and where they are.



Export your will index from Will Builder

To get started, log into Will Builder. The Export button is accessible from the top menu. Select Go To > Export Data to Will Registry.


You can now select the records you would like to register on the Canada Will Registry. You can select records one at a time or click Select All. When you're done, click Process (F2) to create the spreadsheet file. You can choose where on your computer you'd like to save this file.


A window will now appear showing you how many lines and records were exported to the new spreadsheet file.


You've now successfully created a spreadsheet file that you can use to register your will index on the Canada Will Registry.

Registering your will index on the Canada Will Registry

You're now ready to register your wills and other estate planning documents on the Canada Will Registry.

To get started, log into your NoticeConnect account (or click here to sign up for one). Go to the Settings page to activate your access to the registry.

On the main menu, click the Will Registry heading and select Register from the menu. On the Register page, check the box that says Multiple Documents at Once and then click the blue Upload button.


You'll see a preview of your data. Now you can click the Register button to finish the process.


Congratulations, you're now fully onboarded on the Canada Will Registry.

Contact us to learn more

Want to learn more about the benefits of using the Canada Will Registry? Send an email to info@noticeconnect.com or give us a call at 1-866-577-8509.