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Cities, provinces, states, and federal governments across North America spend millions of dollars on print newspaper ads to comply with public notice laws. These ads are expensive and ineffective at communicating information. We've launched a tool for governments, using the technology behind NoticeConnect, to make public notices more accessible and economical. Visit our website to learn more.

Statutory Newspaper Requirements

Many statutes require governments at different levels to publish notices in print newspapers to inform the public of things like zoning changes, sales, applications, meetings, and proposals. These statutes often specify that a notice must be published in a major print newspaper, published a minimum number of times each week, and with a minimum circulation.

Problems Caused by the Decline of Print

Print newspapers are disappearing and some experts estimate that they will be completely gone within six years. This decline is causing problems at each level of government. Some municipalities can no longer comply with statutory newspaper notice requirements, because the local paper's shut down. When they are able to publish in a newspaper, few people actually see the ad. The vast majority of North Americans no longer read print papers.

These notices are also prohibitively expensive, costing cities and counties hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. At the state or provincial level, the cost to governments is often in the millions. New Jersey, for example, spends $8 million on public notices each year.

Governments have been exploring the idea of changing their laws and putting public notices online instead of in print. Putting government notices on a web page would certainly save money, but when governments put these ideas forward they are criticized for making information inaccessible. In Canada, the Government of Manitoba recently walked back a plan to put public notices online in the gazette, after facing these criticisms.

NoticeConnect's Comprehensive Public Notice Platform

We're experts at connecting notices with their intended audience. We'll build your government a custom platform powered by the technology behind NoticeConnect.

Make Notices More Accessible

When you're not paying per square inch, you can publish more effective notices. Include graphics and schematics. Publish in multiple languages. And connect your notices with the public in multiple ways, including:

  • A public, searchable database that comes up in search results
  • Automatic posting to multiple social media platforms
  • SMS alerts
  • Free email subscriptions
  • Distribution of print copies to community centres for those who don't have internet access

Learn More

Visit our website to learn more. Fill in the online form to request additional information and to set up a meeting.

Patrick Hartford

Patrick Hartford

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