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Now is the perfect time to organize your will vault

With the COVID-19 shutdown disrupting law firms' usual routines and workflow, there's never been a better time to organize your firm's will vault and index.

Making the best use of an uncertain time

Because of the shutdown, some of us are overwhelmed with work while others don't have enough to keep busy. Even with law firms being an essential service, firms are making a strong effort to stay lean and efficient in this uncertain environment.

A great way to be efficient is to use this time to catch up on those projects we've always meant, but have been too busy, to do. At home this might be some repairs or painting. At a law firm this might mean organizing your will vault.

Many law firms hold wills for their clients in large, fireproof cabinets. And many firms are keeping track of these orginal wills (along with POAs, codicils, and other important documents) with pen and paper notes, numbered envelopes, or Word/Excel files. These systems work well enough for a handful of records, but as files accumulate over the years it gets more difficult to stay organized.

The Canada Will Registry

When your law firm registers its wills on the Canada Will Registry, you get access to free tools for keeping your will vault organized:

  • Search and sort records by name, file ID, date, and who prepared them
  • Transfer and receive records from other firms
  • Add notes and update your records
  • Add new records for new clients and documents


Using the shutdown to get started

To get started with the Canada Will Registry, you can upload an Excel spreadsheet with your will vault information under the right headings. After that, you can use our tools to easily add and update your records.

We can help your team prepare the initial upload file, whether that means building the Excel file from scratch, or converting your existing records into this format.

Now is the perfect time for your staff to tackle this project, so that when the shutdown ends and work routines go back to normal, your firm will have its records in a secure digital will vault with powerful tools for staying organized.

We're here to help

If you'd like to learn more, arrange a quick web demo, or simply have a conversation, you can email us anytime at info@noticeconect.com or give us a call at 1-866-577-8509.

Stephanie Repic

Stephanie Repic

Stephanie is the Marketing Coordinator at NoticeConnect

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