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We've launched a powerful new collections tool

We've launched a notice to creditors monitoring service that we're calling the Creditor Dashboard. This is a powerful collections tool that empowers your organization to recover thousands of dollars.

Our Approach to Innovation

At NoticeConnect, we strive to provide innovative solutions to our customers for publishing and accessing legal notices. Our approach to new product development across our ecosystem is simple: we listen to our customers and if we can provide them with a solution to make their lives easier, we build it. There is no better example of this approach at work than with our newly launched Creditor Dashboard.

The Creditor Dashboard

Creditors - including businesses, utilities, financial institutions, collection agencies, and governments - regularly browse and search our public database of notices to creditors. Many subscribe to our free weekly emails about new notices on our site.

Creditors found this data quite valuable, and reached out to us about additional tools to connect them with our notices. Their ideas had two consistent themes:

  1. Automation - Creditors asked us to build a tool that would automatically check our notices against their list of receivables, ensuring that they never miss a match and that they save resources that had been allocated to reviewing notices manually. This was especially important for firms/organizations with thousands of names to monitor.

  2. Canada-wide coverage - Many creditors told us that they're checking various other government publications for notices. They asked us to connect them with these notices to creditors as well.

This feedback was the inspiration behind our new Creditor Dashboard tool. The Credtior Dashboard monitors notices to creditors across Canada and alerts you when a notice matches one of your outstanding accounts. We provide you with all the necessary contact information to easily make a collection from the estate.

Contact us at info@noticeconnect.com to request an online demo or in-person presentation.

Chris Comrie

Chris Comrie

Chris is NoticeConnect's VP Finance.

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