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New Feature

We've added a new feature that makes it easy for firms to automatically take down their notices after the deadline for creditors has passed.

A Deadline for Creditors

Every notice to creditors specifies a deadline by which creditors must come forward with their outstanding claims against the estate. After this deadline, the trustee can distribute the estate to the beneficiaries without risking personal liability for the debts of the deceased.

Ontario law does not specify how much time you need to give creditors to come forward. Most estates give creditors between thirty and sixty days (with 30 days being the most common). The rule of thumb is that the more complex the estate, the more time you should give creditors.

After the Deadline

Some firms like that their notices to creditors remain listed on our notices page after the deadline by which creditors must respond to the ad. It's clear to anyone who finds the expired ad that the estate advertised for creditors and recovering the debt personally from the trustee is not an option.

Other firms prefer to have their notices de-listed from this page. There's no right or wrong answer here, it's up to the personal preferences of the firm and client. If you have your notice taken down from this page then it's especially important to include an affidavit of publication with your order.

Our New Feature

Our new feature lets you set your notices to be automatically removed from our webpage after the expiry date.

The default setting is for your notices to remain listed. If you turn on this auto-removal feature, it will apply to any unexpired notices you've posted and any new ones you post in the future.

If you have a NoticeConnect account, you can visit the Settings page and turn on the auto-removal feature.


Always Improving

We are always adding new features and tools based on the incredibly helpful feedback we receive from our users.

Do you have an idea that you'd like us to implement? Send an email to info@noticeconnect.com to connect with us.