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Is your firm using a spreadsheet to keep track of its wills?

Many firms keep a list of their wills in a spreadsheet or a binder, but is this the best way to keep track of your wills? The Canada Will Registry comes with powerful will vault management tools that make it easy to stay organized. Here are three reasons to make the switch.

1. Don't risk losing all your data

What happens if your spreadsheet file gets corrupted, deleted, or saved over? We've seen it happen. Firms have to go through their vault, document by document, to recreate their file.

When you register your wills on the Canada Will Registry, you get access to your records in a digital will vault. Your data is stored and backed up in Canada in the same secure data centre trusted by banks and government. Your data is protected with multiple backups and recovery plans.


2. Save time with our searching, sorting, and notation features

Even the best maintained spreadsheets get long and difficult to navigate. It's easy to accidentally overwrite important information. And it's difficult to sort through your documents for particular types of records.

With the Canada Will Registry, your records are all accessible in a digital will vault. You can:

  • Search for specific records
  • Sort by document type, drafting lawyer, storage location, or file ID
  • Add notes to your files
  • Mark files as closed when you're done with them


3. Transfer and receive wills with ease

You can transfer your digital records from one vault to another with the Canada Will Registry.

If a lawyer is retiring, they can transfer their digital records along with the physical wills to another firm. The law firm receiving the transfer will automatically incorporate the new wills into its vault and will receive an alert if someone is searching for one of these documents.

Our transfer feature makes it much easier for another law firm to accept a lawyer's wills.

NoticeConnect's service throughout this process was excellent. NoticeConnect helped us arrange the smooth transition of the entire will vault to another law firm.

Edna Thiagarajah
Legal Assistant to Marvin Barkin at Steinberg Title Hope & Israel LLP

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