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How to Get Started with the Canada Will Registry

It's easy to get set up on NoticeConnect's Canada Will Registry. In this blog, we go through the three steps to get started.

Step One - Create a NoticeConnect Account

You can access the Canada Will Registry with your current NoticeConnect account, directly from www.noticeconnect.com. If you don't already have one, click here to sign up and create a free account.

Step Two - Send us an email

Send an email to info@noticeconnect.com and ask us to enable your full access to the Canada Will Registry. We'll turn on access for your firm right away.

Step Three - Activate your account

The final step is to activate your account from the Settings page.


Click the "Activate" button and you will see our Supplementary Privacy Agreement. This agreement outlines our specific commitments to your firm regarding how we will handle your data and maintain confidentiality.


You're All Set Up

That's it. You're now ready to start registering your wills!

Lexie Hinde

Lexie Hinde

Lexie is a digital marketer and account manager with NoticeConnect.

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