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How can NoticeConnect help creditors?

As a creditor, you may be entitled to collect debts from the estate of a deceased debtor. This is an easy collection to make if you know when the estate is being administered. NoticeConnect helps creditors by making it easy to know when this window is open.

Trustees used to publish notice that an estate is being administered in local newspapers. Today the standard practice in Ontario is to publish these notices on NoticeConnect. These notices to creditors identify the deceased and set a date by which any outstanding creditors must bring forward their claims. It is much more difficult for creditors to recover these debts once this deadline has passed.

If your business isn't checking for relevant notices to creditors, then you're missing out on making easy collections. If you're manually monitoring these notices, this costs time and money.

NoticeConnect makes it easy for creditors to find notices to creditors and make collections. We even automate this process for you. Click here to learn more about how we do it.

Chris Comrie

Chris Comrie

Chris is NoticeConnect's VP Finance.

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