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New Feature - Custom Location

Posting a Notice to Creditors and not seeing the city or town you're looking for on our location drop-down field? We've launched a new feature for listing custom locations.

What's New?

Our list of cities is powered by Google and does not include some smaller townships, unincorporated communities, or amalgamated regions. Previously, users would have to select the closest region. With this new feature you can customize locations yourself.

How it Works

  1. On our Notice to Creditors form, select the closest municipality available for Location 1 (shown with a red asterisk)

  2. You can now customize the location fields for Location 2 and 3

  3. Begin by typing the name of your City/Town. We use the example of "Etobicoke".


  1. Click on "Can't find your city on the dropdown list?" A pop-up window will appear to Add Location.


  1. Fill in the Country, State/Province, and City. Then click Submit to enter your customized Location for your notice or will search.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or comments about our new feature, let us know! Send us an email at info@noticeconnect.com or give us a call at 1 (866) 577-8509.

Stephanie Repic

Stephanie Repic

Stephanie is the Marketing Coordinator at NoticeConnect

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