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Creditor Dashboard Upgrades

Our Creditor Dashboard is a powerful tool that alerts creditors when a new estate Notice to Creditors matches an outstanding account. This week we released some significant product enhancements.

Match Categories

Our Creditor Dashboard identifies high quality matches, while also making sure that nothing is missed. When our system identifies a match, we categorize it based on how closely it matches your uploaded name.

We have four categories of matches:

  • Exact - The name and location in the notice to creditors exactly matches the name and location you've uploaded. These are very high quality matches and most likely to result in a successful collection.

  • Near Exact - The name matches, but the location does not.

  • Strong Partial - The name you've uploaded and the name in the notice are very similar, but not quite exact. E.g. McDonald versus MacDonald.

  • Weak Partial - The name you've uploaded and the name in the match are reasonably close. We include this category so that nothing gets missed. You have the option of looking through it to see if there are helpful matches, or you can focus only on the higher quality matches.

Match Reports

Matches are listed on the Creditor Dashboard itself, but we now send reports directly to your email when new matches are identified. We list your uploaded name, the notice it matched with, the quality of the match, and a number of other parameters. We provide all of the details necessary to make a prompt and simple collection from the estate.

New Dashboard Menu Options

The Creditor Dashboard now features a Changelog, where you can keep track of new feature and updates as we add them in. There's an Accounts tab for handling your subscription, clearing data, and customizing settings. And we've also added a Resources tab, where users can download our template file for bulk uploading.

Behind the Scenes Upgrades

We've made some substantial upgrades under the hood of the Creditor Dashboard. Matching is faster and our system is even more resilient. We've also improved our bulk name uploader so that files containing hundreds of thousands of names can be uploaded with one click. Our system automatically cleans these files, removing any duplicates and blanks. And most importantly, we've made all of these changes while ensuring that everything you upload is secure and encrypted.

Chris Comrie

Chris Comrie

Chris is NoticeConnect's VP Finance.

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