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Our estate notice matching system

The NoticeConnect Creditor Dashboard is a tool that alerts you when an estate notice to creditors matches one of your receivables.

Firms of all sizes, from law offices to collections specialists, have outstanding receivables. When a debtor passes away, it is very easy to make a collection from their estate if you know:

  1. Who to contact, and
  2. The window for submitting outstanding claims.

If you miss this short window, which is typically 30 days, then making a successful collection is exceedingly difficult.

We developed a smart matching algorithm that scrubs your list of receivables against our database of notices to creditors on a daily basis. We identify new matches, rank them by strength, and send you a custom report with all the information you need to make successful collections.

Who uses it

Our Creditor Dashboard is used by many different kinds of firms; from law firms to collection agencies to various businesses with unsecured consumer debts.

“NoticeConnect has helped us reduce missed claims on a monthly basis while increasing the number of filed claims on estates. The Dashboard is user friendly; an asset to any estate recovery company and highly recommended.”

Jojo Staples, Estate Recovery Supervisor
Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd.

Pricing is based on the number of names you want us to monitor. Our Starter tier is aimed at firms that want to inexpensively monitor a small number of names. We have more advanced packages for large, institutional clients looking to monitor hundreds of thousands or millions of names.


We've made the Creditor Dashboard easy to use. You can upload names individually or in bulk. You can view your matches online, customize your match reports, and manage your uploaded data on our platform. We also offer an API that allows your firm to query our database from within your organization.


Our database contains notices posted on NoticeConnect.com, as well as notices to creditors from other sources in Canada.


We keep your data secure and ensure that your organization is PIPEDA and GDPR compliant. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We store and back up your data in Canada in the same highly secure facilities used by major banks, airlines, and government.

Learn More

Want to learn more about the Creditor Dashboard? Click here, or contact us at info@noticeconnect.com or 1-866-577-8509.