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The Canada Will Registry is Open for Searches

We've opened up the Canada Will Registry for searches. Searching our database of 100,000 wills is effective due diligence to identify forgotten, missing, or competing wills.


How does it work?

Anyone can search the Canada Will Registry by visiting our website and filling in a short form. Tell us who you are, whose will you're searching for, and how to reach you.

Our system takes your search query and compares it against the wills in our database. Using a smart matching algorithm, we identify if anyone has registered a document you're looking for.


If someone has registered a matching will, they will reach out to you directly within 30 days. We issue you a Search Certificate with the details of your search and a unique reference number from our database.


The Search Certificate is proof that you did your due diligence and took effective action to ensure that all relevant estate planning documents were brought to your attention.

Solving the problem of missing wills

The lack of a centralized will registry created uncertainty. Estate administrators could never be sure that they had all the relevant documents. Law firms could never be sure if someone was looking for a will in their vault.

The Canada Will Registry solves these problems.

Not only does the Canada Will Registry eliminate the need for manual record checks, but as more wills are registered, NoticeConnect provides an efficient, secure and user-friendly way to take steps to determine the whereabouts of a will or reliably conclude that no will exists. A Canada-wide centralized system for registering and locating wills can aid in making life a little easier after death.

Excerpt from "Digital Will Vault" by Joanna Lindenberg
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The cost to submit a search query is a $95 fee that can be disbursed to the estate. We've made it affordable for every estate administrator to ensure they have all relevant documents.

Register your wills

Lawyers and firms can register wills at no cost. Registration is easy, quick, and benefits both lawyers and clients.

And importantly, you do not need to collect additional client consent forms to register your clients' wills. Your data is encrypted, secure, and confidential.


Learn more

Want to learn more about NoticeConnect or our Canada Will Registry? Send an email to info@noticeconnect.com or give us a call at 1-866-577-8509. We'd be happy to answer your questions or arrange a private demo.