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Five Reasons Why You Should Register Your Clients' Wills

NoticeConnect launched the Canada Will Registry, which allows law firms to register the wills and codicils in their vaults at no charge.

The Canada Will Registry is a powerful tool that helps law firms and clients alike. Here are five reasons why you'll want to register your clients' wills.

1. It solves the problem of missing wills

Wills are very important documents that must be stored in a safe location during the life of the testator. Clients move, lawyers retire, and finding a will years later can be very challenging. Wills often go missing, which results in a presumption of revocation. Probating a copy of a will is much more difficult and expensive.

Wills that are registered on the Canada Will Registry can easily be found. Someone looking for a will submits a search query, and we'll whoever is holding that will know that this person is looking for it.

Lawyers have a professional responsibility to keep track of searches for missing wills. We've automated this process for you, saving time and administrative resources.

2. You don't need to collect additional client consent forms

Law firms must comply with applicable federal and provincial privacy legislation and law society rules of professional conduct. We designed the Canada Will Registry with these requirements in mind.

You already have your clients' consent to register their wills on our registry. There's no need to collect additional signed forms.

The Canada Will Registry works by informing your firm if someone is looking for a will that you have. We tell you who is looking, why they're looking, and how to reach them. You get to decide if the searcher is entitled to hear from you or not. You can ask them for additional documentation.

In short, your firm remains the gatekeeper of its own data. We never share your information with anyone. Your data is secure and private.


3. It's easy to register your entire vault

Whether your will vault has 50 wills or 50,000 wills, it's easy to register them on the Canada Will Registry.

You can register wills one at a time by filling in a form on our site. Or you can register your entire vault at once with our bulk registration template. We're available to help you put your data into this template. NoticeConnect can do all the heavy lifting.


4. It gives you access to powerful will vault management tools

Many firms are keeping track of their wills with an Excel file or just pen and paper. When you register your wills with us, you can manage your registered records in a digital will vault.

You can open and close files, search and sort them, and add notes and update storage locations. You can even transfer and receive registered records from other lawyers.


5. There's no cost to register your wills

There is no cost to register your will vault on the Canada Will Registry. There are no subscription or access fees to manage your data with our will vault management tools. The only cost to use the registry is a disbursable fee to submit a search query.

Contact us to learn more

To learn more, send an email to info@noticeconnect.com or give us a call at 1-866-577-8509. We'd be happy to answer your questions or arrange a private demo.

Join the many firms that have already registered thousands of wills with the Canada Will Registry.